- Firewood's
Number Of The Beast - Texas
New Jersey - Nova
Grant's Tomb - Oden
Whiskey On The Rock's - Decker
Spreadin´The News - Anakin
Welcome To My Life - Bonnie
This Song Saved My Life - Gyda

- Amstaff Uppfödare
Buenos Aires Kennel - USA
Red Warrior - USA
Absolute Kennel - USA
Daydreamer's Kennel - Holland
Daft Raptor's Kennel - Hungary
Spirit Of Storm Kennel - Hungary
Bonemill Kennel - Hungary
King Of Ring's Kennel - Serbia
Shining Field Kennel - Serbia
Manjifik Kennel - Serbia
Amulet Diamond kennel - Russia
Quiroz's Amstaff Kennel - Mexico

- Amstaff Länkar
Swedish Amstaff Club
Meet My Dogs
Cameron Amazonka
Whizz Amstaff

- Övriga Länkar
Svenska Kennel Klubben
Västra Kennel Klubben
Västra Terrier Klubben
Optimum Solution's Kennel
Öbarna's Kennel
Mini Malistic Kennel
Agria Djurförsäkringar

Firewood's Whiskey On The Rock's - Decker